donderdag 29 januari 2015

OPI Glitter-Off Peelable Base Coat Review

Every now and then you come across a beauty item that makes your life hell of a lot easier. Luckily this happened to me about a few weeks ago. I was just looking at the OPI nail polish stand in the store when I saw something that caught my interest: the OPI Glitter-Off peelable base coat. Could it be? Could it be that I found a solution?

I am a big fan of glitter nail polish, but unfortunately I never wear it all that often. This is because, and I’m sure if you’re a glitter lover you will understand, glitter nail polish is such a freakin’ hassle to remove. If I want to remove glitter nail polish I need several cotton pads that will fluff all over the place or I ruin my nail polish remover sponge trying to get the glitter off. And, when all the nail polish is removed, there is still tons of glitter stuck to my nails that I have to scratch off, which in turn damages my nails. But, lucky fellow glitter gals, OPI has offered us something that will change our lives from dull to sparkly.

How it works
It works just like a regular base coat. You apply a thin coat of this on your clean, bare nails before you apply anything else and wait for it to dry completely. It is completely dry when it becomes transparent. If you want to remove your nail polish, you simply push your nail under the edge of your nail polish et voila, it entirely comes off in one peel. There is a side note though, I’ve found that this doesn’t work on gel nails, so if you get your nails done, this doesn’t work properly. But glitter polish is easier to remove off of gel nails anyway.

This base coat nail polish is a thick, white, glue-y kind of nail polish. It applies like a sheer white polish that will dry up to a semi-matte transparent.  It does take a couple of minutes longer to dry than a regular base coat though. And when you apply it too thick, it takes even longer to dry, about 10-15 minutes. Some parts might not even dry completely if you apply it too thick. It also smells like glue by the way.. I don’t really like the scent to be honest, glue makes me a little bit nauseous.
Because this nail polish is easy to remove in one peel, it does have a poorer lasting power. Glitter nail polish is usually known for its sustainability, but this nail polish was especially formulated to come off easily. Make sure your nails are entirely clean before applying this, preferably by cleaning them with nail polish remover. This strips the nails from any greasiness.

Should I buy it?

If you like to amp up your manicure with a little something something, like chunky glitter nail polish or liquid sand, I definitely recommend you buy this nail polish. I am not kidding if I say this has made my life lot easier. It has revived my relationship with glitter, it’s just so nice to look at. Plus it saves me a lot of time, cotton pads and nail polish remover sponges.

 If you’re not really a glitter kind of gal, you can totally skip this. Though it might still be a good base coat if you hate to remove your nail polish with remover, for example because it gives you a head ache or you’re lazy. I'd like to thank OPI for bringing this base coat on the market!! 

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  1. ziet er niet zo mooi uit, ze worden helemaal wit niet echt mooi blank maar dat is mijn mening!

    1. Nee klopt ze worden niet blank, maar dat maakt ook niet zo veel uit want er moet altijd een glitter nagellak over heen! Het is geen nagellak op zichzelf.